From Virginia

Somehow, to Evan, kissing the prettiest girl in four hundred years just seemed like the right thing to do…

“You are, by far,” Evan said, feeling a little shaky, “the coolest girl I ever met. And, yeah, there's nothing I want more than to share a spacetime with you.” He hesitated. “But are you sure? Are you sure you want to stay in this time? I mean, even the little bit of it you've seen has been really rough on you, and there's a whole lot more you haven't seen…”

Virginia looked away. “Aye… Will e'er this time be home to me? I cannot know…” She looked back at Evan. “And yet, no more is mine own time my home. Though may my father liveth, a' else to me is lost, and naught hath mine own time left to me but sorrowed memories. Ne'er will my past my future be.”

She took Evan's hand in both of hers. “Yet by the grace o' God, another future, another hope, hath been given me. And I, as thy hand do hold, would hold that future. Aye, lost in the strangeness o' thy time would e'er I be but that thou the guidance o' thy hand do offer.”

Evan smiled gently. “It's going to take me a while to get used to those complicated sentences of yours.”

“Then I in proper English will instruct thee,” Virginia grinned. “And I in turn will learn o' thee the arts o' thine own time. Have we a bargain made?”