In addition to writing books, I like images. Some, captured by a camera, are cool right out of the camera, but others can be made a whole lot cooler by playing with them in various ways, like these:

These images started out as photos of a real gold-and-crystal goblet, the moon, and a couple of shots from the Hubble telescope. The curtains in the background were done by GIMP shading.

Other images never had any reality at all—here are Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch interacting:

and some are hybrids, like the Crab Nebula as Dali might have seen it:

We have a running joke around here about dining at the bowling alley:

When my son was in Afghanistan, I sent him a birthday card:

(That's an 81mm mortar and his thing was the much bigger 120mm mortar, but I couldn't find a good pic of that.)
And my wife took him some cookies:

I like night scenes:

The last one of these is a typical full-moon-on-the-horizon shot, with the moon being overlaid by the back-lit lid of an alabaster trinket jar.

There's a cool desktop (real, not computer) toy called "The Swinging Sticks," one of which one of my sons gave me as a birthday present years ago. This thing is a real chaos demonstrator that's constantly in random motion—and that makes a great subject for a camera and a strobe:

Series 1:

Series 2:

And, finally, there are some spooky things you can do manipulating images: